Sensa works in un-guarded pools as it monitors all swimmers and quickly detects a bather motionless beneath the surface and instantly alerts responders to make a rescue, therefore reducing the risk to all involved of a drowning or near drowning occurring.

Based around a wristband containing a sensor, the bands are constantly monitored for movement over time by receivers placed in the corners of the pool, if a swimmer is motionless for 30 seconds the reciever will alert responders by sounding an alarm at a central control unit and a pager worn by responders.


Benefits Of Sensa 

  • Significantly reduces the risk of a drowning or near drowning in un-guarded pools.

  • Constantly monitors un-guarded pools.

  • Assists in compliance to HSG 179.

  • Sensa can be used with or without lifeguards on duty. 

  • Ideal for Hotel Spa and School/University swimming pools.

  • If used alongside PoolView, it creates a substantial safety system in pools over 25m.

  • Please contact us for further information or to arrange a no - obligation demonstration of Sensa at your pool.