PoolView improves the visual capabilities of lifeguards by helping to quickly detect a pool user in difficulty on or beneath the surface of water, therefore significantly reducing the risk to swimmers, operators and lifeguards of a drowning or near drowning occurring.

PoolView is a combination of underwater and above water camera's designed to constantly monitor activity within the entire volume of water beneath and above the surface, including the bottom of the pool, and feed real time views directly to split screen monitors at the lifeguard stations. 


Benefits Of PoolView

  • Lifeguards can easily monitor blindspots.

  • See activity beneath surface glare.

  • Monitor activity under and around inflatables. 

  • Deters anti-social behaviour.

  • Increases claims management capabilities.

  • Lifeguard Trainer Assessors can view rescue techniques from different angles, including beneath the surface, during training

  • Stroke technique can be closely analysed during competitive training. 

  • Monitor and assess water quality.